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The One-On-One Private Session is the Ultimate Way To Achieve the True Pilates Body

Continue your study of Pilates through personalized sessions with Val Shandlay, Pilates mat and Reformer certified instructor.

Private and semi-private sessions provide a more personalized approach to Pilates, and are recommended for those with injuries, specific needs or completely new to exercise and/or Pilates. Without a doubt, the most effective way to begin exploring and gain a better understanding of Pilates movement systems is one-on-one private sessions. Private sessions are the ideal place to begin, if you have specific training goals or if you are desiring to enhance your mat class experience.

In one-on-one instruction Val focuses on the specific needs of one client, while providing individualized instruction and encouragement. Individualized instruction maximizes your understanding of the many concepts and movements particular to Pilates and how to apply them to your body.

Private training includes supervised instruction in matwork and breathing techniques. The use of the stability ball, Bosu Balance Trainer and the bench may be incorporated to facilitate a better understanding of stretching techniques and core-strengthening.

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