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BodyPure LLC

C2C would like to unveil an exciting new partnership with Debbie Miccolis owner of BodyPure LLC

Together we would like you to feel and look younger, aging the best way possible...slowly.

Debbie is a certified Holistic Health Counselor (HHC), and an RYT Vinyasa yoga instructor. Debbie’s nutritional journey began nine years ago after facing some health challenges of her own. Determined to find causes for her ill health rather than mask her symptoms with pharmaceuticals, she began studying and researching the world of nutrition, and was fascinated by what she had learned. Debbie then gained a passion to teach individuals how amazing the human body is, and how we have the ability to create balance and total wellness through proper nutrition, supplementation, and movement. Debbie’s mission is to empower women and men to take control of their health and enjoy the aging process every step of the way; feeling strong, vibrant, and beautiful well into their 80’s and 90’s.

Pregnancy Pilates Classes

Offered by Dr. Mathew Iammatteo and Nurse Practitioner Karen Healy

Working in conjunction with WELLTHY YOU, the wellness experts that have been sharing space in my practice, and with Commit2Change, one of the area’s premiere pilates and yoga studios, you can now experience the tremendous benefits of these valuable exercises. I can assure you that getting your core muscles in shape will promote an easier pregnancy and delivery, as well as speed up your return to ‘normalcy’ post-partum.

I am especially pleased that the pregnancy pilates classes will all be run by one of my obstetrical patients, Denise Haydu, widely regarded as one of the best in her field.  I delivered her adorable little girl two years ago, and she is under my care again for her second child, due next spring. All classes will be held at Commit2Change, located conveniently at 12 Community Place in Morristown (about 4 minutes from my office, with plenty of parking).  

Half-ToeSox with Grip

Now for sale at the studio

Patented non-slip sole:
Superior grip on any surface to reduce risk of injury

Five-toe construction:
Anatomical design allows foot to perform naturally for independent movement of toes

Exposed toes allow feet to remain cooler, provide extra gripping on surface

Fitted heel and arch support band:
Protection and optimal fit

Organic cotton:
Soft on the souls and the planet

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